The Wishing Star Project

Please note:

The Wishing Star project will be closing at 6 a.m. GMT, November 1, 2016.

No more wishes will be accepted after that time.


This is a Chinese Lucky Star.

Single star

Some people call them wishing stars.

I have made thousands of them for projects like these:

        Thank Your Lucky Stars

I would like to do something on a larger scale: an installation of wishing stars in the form of a walking contemplation labyrinth something like this


The solid areas will be filled with thousands of stars. The final pattern will be adapted to the size and shape of the installation space.

Since I think of the project as a very large artist’s book, I would like text inside each star. The obvious text to use is wishes.

This project will be an enormous collaboration. Here is where you come in.

Please help me by making wishes. Click on the drop-down link under The Wishing Star Project on the menu bar ( or just click here) and leave a wish. Shorter wishes are preferred as I will be hand writing each wish on a strip of paper 1 x 21 cm (0.4 x 8.25 inches), so try to keep your wishes under 150 characters. You can leave as many wishes as you want. (I believe three is traditional.) This is a long term project; please come back and wish again.

Please pass along the link to this page to your friends and relations: everyone has at least one wish.

The process is anonymous: the wishes are collected on an independent server. All I see is a download of the wishes, so you don’t need to feel shy.


I will be posting reports on my blog from time to time, so you can follow the progress of the project.

If you would like to try making some lucky/wishing stars of your own you can find instructions here and here and here.

(A word of caution: you may find that making stars is addictive.)

You can read blog posts about the project here.

And don’t forget to make a wish.